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Posted by GreendayFox - February 23rd, 2019

Commissions are Open!


Chibi's: $10

Headshots/Busts: $10

Flat Color: $15

Cell Shading: $20

Soft Shading: $25

Reference Sheet: $30


- I do things in my own time because of my current state I have not as much time or I cant bring myself to do a picture but it will get done.

- Requests: Requests I will do in my own time i will always prioritize Commissioned Pieces as they are what keeps me going, if you request art from me and I accept do not bug me every day about it I will not do it anymore and tell you to find someone else.

- Commissions: I treat commissioners very well if you are willing to pay for my art then I'm not going to just take months on end I will get your picture done ASAP i will also communicate with you on all updates to your artwork.

- I do both SFW and NSFW no I am not going to make a second account just for that it is just more of a hassle.

- Do's and Dont's, (this applies to SFW and NSFW)

- SFW: I can do a max of 3 characters in a picture after that I have to give up detail and that's never good, I can draw in a mix style of mine but keep the integretty of the characters you want.

- NSFW: I'm ok with drawing Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Hermaphrodites, Toys, Any species of animal, Vore, Pregnancy, Size Play, Baby Fur, Cum Inflation, Bondage, Hyper, Transformation.

- NSFW: Not Okay with Scat or any type of Fecal matter, Anal Vore, Birthing/Unbirthing, Paw, Extreme Muscle, Water Sports.

- If you want someone else's character with your's you need their permission I am not drawing other peoples characters that they don't want drawn.

- I am NOT doing Sonic art anymore if you want your sonic fan character so bad I will draw them in my style if that doesnt suit you ok dont ask for it.

- I take requests on all forms of media that I am on Tumblr, FurAffinity and DeviantArt, InkBunny, Twitter, Ko-fi, Patreon, and NewGrounds is my newest platform. If there is something you desperately don't want to be on one of these sites you need to say so otherwise its out of my hands.

- With Commissions I take them VIA Paypal Email is Natalie.fox195@gmail.com my prices are cheap so if you want a commission please go look at the prices and send me a note but do not beat around the bush with what you want (Applies to Requests and Trades too).

- Please understand that nothing will be perfect not anyone's art is perfect if you request me I will draw your request how I want it's my art and I have that right, do not criticize me and my art if you don't like it don't request me in the future. 

- I am not going to draw a super complex picture for a request let me give a clear example of how I do requests, Requests are ment to be fun not work thats what a Commission is.

-Request: You get to have a simple drawing of whatever you want that IS NOT complicated but you won't get a background.

- Commission: More effort put into your picture to make sure it is worth all the money you paid for with a background and detail if paid for.

- I'm going to be specific about this because I like to cover my bases on things, if you ask me for art be it a request or Commission if for some reason you do not want that picture up after a while please note me and I will be happy to email the file for you to keep your request but I will remove the picture.

- I have many ways for you to keep updated with my art I mostly use Trello and I'm very active on Discord if you want to keep informed on what is going on be civil and check my Trello or message me on Discord because I don't like just messages of the same question I like to keep things neat and convient.

- Art involving my character. I don't mind gift art of my main sona but if it's a NSFW picture I don't like her being used in a sexual way with another person's character unless it's my boyfriend it's not fair to him and I don't want that.